risk assessment of a manual handling task

Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012 – 2022 promotes a vision of healthy, safe
and productive working lives to be achieved by 2022. The Strategy nominates priority
disorders because of severity of consequences and estimated number of workers affected
and the availability of prevention options. One such priority is musculoskeletal disorders
(manual handling hazards)
Reference: SafeWork Australia Australian Work Health and Safety Strategy 2012 – 2022. Priority
industries and disorders http://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/sites/SWA
Task: you are required to undertake a risk assessment of a workplace manual handling
Using the Health Safety Executive (HSE) MAC tool and its risk assessment template or the
Module Code of Practice Hazardous Manual Tasks Assessment tool you are to complete a
risk assessment of a manual handling task and present your observations in a report.

Your Report must include at least the following sections:
1. Executive Summary
• A summary of each of the main sections of the project
2. Table of Contents
• A list of the sections with its page number
3. Introduction
• A explanation of the project and why it is needed
4. Method
• A summary of the process you followed to complete the project
5. Risk assessment
• Your assessment of the task
6. Recommendations
• Conduct some research to complete this section.
• Discussion of a minimum of three potential control measures to eliminate
or minimise the particular risk.
• How you will implement your control measures.
7. Conclusion
• A summary of the main points of the project, in response to the
introduction, and summary of your main findings
8. References
• All other authors work correctly referenced.
9. Attachments (if applicable)
• Additional information to supplement the report.


Model Code of Practice Hazardous Manual Tasks, February 2016.
Manual handling assessment chart (the MAC tool) http://www.hse.gov.uk/msd/mac/
The MAC tool was developed to help the user identify high-risk workplace manual
handling activities and can be used to assess the risks posed by lifting, carrying and team
manual handling activities.
It is designed to help you understand, interpret and categorise the level of risk of the
various known risk factors associated with manual handling activities. It incorporates a
numerical and a colour-coding score system to highlight high-risk manual handling tasks.
“Handle with care – Manual Handling” video introduction to manual handling


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