Risk Plan in Ganttproject.

In this work you have to Read Chapter 7 that I will uploaded page by page. And You will have to used the free program that you can get http://www.ganttproject.biz. This work is the continuation of the project that I already started. I will uploaded too the beginning of the project that is already done that I finished in that program.
Instructions; after you read the chapter and install there program you will :
1. Describe the possible risks of the activities that was described previously that I will uploaded.
2. Describe the plan to mitigate the risks.
3. Enter the information in Ganttproject per each homework .To do that you have to choose first the homework.
4. Follow the sequence Homework/ Properties of the homework/General/ Edith notes.
5. Once you enter the information click to accept.
6. To save your job in ODF format , You have to follow the sequence:
-Choose PDF and then click in Follow
-Select the file in which you will save the file made.
-If there are activities created , you have to choose the dates that you want to included.
– The side of the letter you have to choose letter.
-In the orientation of the page , you have to choose Horizontal
-Do click in accept.
General intructions:
Check the gramma, your worked have to be original, good gramma, do not copy and paste from the internet.
NOTE: Try that the writer who will write this order , wrote the begging of the project that was the order # 199370093. If there is any way because this one is already familiar with the project. I will also attached the beginning of the project as an attachment. So Do not worry if it is not the same.

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