RN-BSN program

• Reflecting on the Philosophy of Nursing assignment submitted during Transition to Professional Nursing Course, describe how your 2, 5, and 10-year career plan may have changed based on the future trends and opportunities identified in your chosen area of focus. Describe 2 examples that have changed in your behaviors as a result to RN-BSN program Please note that in-text citations are required to support each section when you discuss the RNBSN course, and referenced in the document and on the reference page. Please note that your sources need to be evidence-based if you choose to reference literature instead the RN-BSN courses.
• Narrative should describe present practices and attitudes and states two, five, 10-year goals
• Should Include at least two specific examples of change in behaviors, attitudes, and practices as a result of RN-BSN program
• Narrative should include in depth discussion and highlights new learning about self and describes attitudes, characteristics, and actions as a lifelong learner
• Includes at least two specific examples of change in behaviors, attitudes, and/or practices as a result of RN-BSN program
• Should include an introduction and a conclusion and each section should be at least 100 words.

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