Rock Music

class informations(– MUS 262 Rock Music: History and Social Analysis.
History and analysis of rock music related to its African American origins, its
societal role, and its diverse development and impact.)
Video research paper.
Students are required to write a short research paper in which they view and discuss three
videos (three different songs) by one artist or group(The Blues
) of their choosing. Students will analyze
and discuss the three videos based on the historical and critical scholarship of rock music as
presented in class and in the textbook.
Your paper must be at least two full pages long (not including title/name header or
bibliography), double-spaced, in a 12-point font.
The paper should include the following content elements:
(Questions provided are for guidance only.)
 A brief biography of your artist or band – minimum of half a page
 Discussion regarding the lyrics of each song, including any social, cultural, political,
or diversity messages. If none of these subjects are featured within the lyrics, discuss
the general meaning of the words and how they are important to the song, historical
era, or artist.
o What do the words say? What do they mean? Do they have importance
beyond the obvious? Are there implied meanings?
 A description of the basic musical characteristics of each song.
o What do you hear? How does the music sound? Does it remind you of
anyone we discussed in class? If so, how?
 A description the entertainment qualities exhibited in each of the videos.
o What do you see? How does your artist perform? How (if applicable) do
they connect with the audience? Are there other elements that make the
performance or video visually appealing? How (if at all) does the video help
enhance or connect with the meaning of the lyrics?
Hint: Be sure your discussion of each of these elements is clear and easy to
Video Research Paper – Important Notes:
 In addition to the video sources, students are required to consult a minimum of
three outside sources.
o At least two of these sources must be published and/or peer reviewed
scholarly sources accessed through the WSU library.
o Note: All sources accessed via the library must be labeled “WSU Library”
in your bibliography.
 Do not write your paper about three different artists or groups – choose only one.
 Videos may be official artist videos, live performances, or both.
 If suggestions for a subject artist or group are needed, see your instructor.
 Even though Wikipedia articles may be accessed through the WSU Library, it and
similar non-scholarly, non-peer-reviewed “Wiki” sites are NOT acceptable sources
for this or any other college paper. If unsure about a source, see your instructor.
Use of Wiki or similar sites will cost you many valuable points!
 Your textbook or class lecture notes may not be used as a source.
Possible sources for locating these videos include:
 YouTube
 Official and unofficial artist and band websites
 Recording label websites
 DVDs – See the 3rd floor School of Music Library for info.
Possible outside sources include, but are not limited to, the following:
 Books or eBooks about specific artists or bands
 Books about rock music history or similar musical genres
 Articles, including those in published magazines and journals such as Rolling Stone,
Variety, Billboard, Downbeat, or general newspapers and magazines. May include
online sites for these publications or full-text articles accessed through the WSU
 Oxford Music Online – an excellent scholarly source – may be accessed via the WSU
 Liner notes from recordings
 Official and unofficial artist and band websites
 Recording label websites
Citations: Students are required to formally cite all sources used in their papers, including
the videos being viewed, in a bibliography list of sources at the end of the paper. Your
bibliography citations, including citations for the videos themselves, should be formatted
using the Turabian Style Guide (or similar formal style of your choosing such as Chicago,
MLA, or APA). Guidelines for Turabian may be found at the following website:
 Within the text of your paper, you should also provide parenthetical citations, as
needed, to support the information you provide. Citations should be based on the
last name of the author or name of your website/source. Ex. (Carter, pg.) or (Rolling
Stone, pg.). If a page number is not available, enter only the name.
o Note: When discussing your videos, it is not necessary to cite the video itself
internally using a parenthetical citation. Naming each song in your
discussion serves to reference a bibliography citation.
 Do not use footnotes or endnotes.
 In most cases, there will be a separate bibliography citation for each video/song.
However, if more than one of your songs comes from the same video, such as in a
live performance video, please add a note to the bibliography citation indicating
which songs were represented in that citation.


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