Roman History

Paper instructions:
This will require the reading of Livy’s history of Rome (the Penguin edition entitled The Early History of Rome) Books I, II, and V. Please only apply to write thi
s if you plan on reading the required text. “You may choose to concentrate only on the sections included in the required reading for class, or you may go beyond those readings to explore other sections of Li
vy.  In either case, the important thing is to develop a thesis or position on the basis of your reading, and then argue your case by citing directly out of the book.  As in any such “argumentative” paper, the thesis should be stated plainly near the beginning of your paper, and the paper should end with a conclusion that sums up and/or amplifies the argument as you have developed it in the middle section.  Please use standard academic English, and proofread your paper carefully for spelling and grammatical errors before submitting it.  Further basic guidelines on length, formatting etc. follow at the end of this assignment.” Some of the suggested topics are
-The relationship between religion and politics (or religion and war) in Livy
–Class and social relationships (those of the Romans on the whole, and Livy’s own attitudes as he discusses the Struggle of the Orders, etc.)
–Mythology and other elements of Greek culture (since Livy was a Roman, not a Greek, what can we conclude from the many elements of Greek culture that he includes?)
–History as “the best medicine for a sick mind:” The use of moral examples and counterexamples; what do these tell us about Livy’s overall purpose in writing? I, personally, prefer the first topic, but feel free to pick which you feel comfortable writing the best paper about.

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