Roots in the Holy Land (Reflective Discussion)

1. Read the article Roots in the Holy Land by Judea Pearl and George Bisharat by downloading the attached file at the bottom. You must read it carefully and thoroughly, from top to bottom. This article covers an aspect of a very controversial topic in our foreign policy – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

2. Watch the two videos in their entirety below depicting the various points of view,

From Al Jazeera English:

B. Defending Israel’s actions:

3. When you are done reading and watching the articles and videos, in 500 to 600 words, give the class your reflection on what you just read. This will get you up to 6 points. Include in your reflection:

A. Why you agree/disagree with Judea Pearl?

B. Why you agree/disagree with George Bisharat?

C. Why do you agree/disagree with Senator Orrin Hatch?

D. What do you think the role of the United States should be in addressing this matter?

4. In your reflection, try to be objective. Meaning, remove your emotions and any cultural, religious, and political biases.


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