Question Running Head: WEEK 6 FORUM; CONGRESS Hurley 1 Mike Hurley (4082106) Professor Tina Mrouri POLS210 6 August 2012 Federal Bureaucracy After reading the lesson and readings? this week it is very intriguing to know understand federal bureaucracy and all the different executive departments as well as those within each executive department. Lesson 6 states that ?A ?bureaucracy? is a term employed to refer to governmental bureaus or departments which are part of the executive branch (under the authority of the president) but mostly staffed with non-elected officials. Bureaucracies are compartmentalized marked by a hierarchical authority among numerous offices and by fixed ?standard operating procedures.?[1] Bureaucracies are basically government organizations that implement public policy and that are free of political accountability or non-partisan. The federal agencies that are most important in determining the existence and causes of climate change according to lesson 6 include the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. However after conducting further research it appears that a lot more federal agencies are conducting research and determining the existence and causes of climate change. According to a Center for Climate and Energy Solutions policy on Climate Change on Adaptation: What Federal Agencies Are Doing states that ?There is a growing consensus that regardless of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significant climate change is unavoidable.?[2] The policy also discusses a report that was released in March 2010 in that the ?authors called for a National Adaptation Program and recommend new institutional mechanisms and roles for federal agencies to mainstream the consideration of climate change across agency operations programs and services.?[2] According to Executive Order 13514 ? Federal Leadership in Environmental Energy and Economic Performance this order ?requires each 2 federal agency to develop implement and annually update an integrated Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan.?[3] The federal agencies that can be most expected to execute a policy response to assertions of climate change is the Department of Natural Resources under Department of Energy through the Executive Office of the President with the assistance from the Interagency Climate change Adaptation Task Force (ICCATF) which includes the White House Council on Environmental Quality the Office of Science and Technology Policy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Works Cited [1] POLS 210. Lesson 6: Federal Bureaucracy. Accessed 9 February 2015. [2] Center For Climate and Energy Soultions Feb 2012. Climate Change Adaptation: What Federal Agencies are Doing pg 2. Retrieved 9 February 2015 from [3] Executive Order 13514. Retrieved 10 February 2015 from There is an abundance of literary movements that have influenced writing since the beginning of American Literature. While reading the story The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains probably the most profound literary movement is realism. The novel itself tells a real life story of life in the mountains that is detached from the rest of the country and not used to the new way of life with law and rules. When the Sheriff first learns that his fugitive had been around earlier in the day the book stated ?Here he had sat eating and drinking and idly talking while the fugitive who had escaped by a hair?s breadth was counting miles and miles between and his lax pursuer.?(25) The entire book is telling a story that is more or less real life and as a reader we begin to learn just how life was in those times. Even more was the chance to see the conflict between mainstream towns and a back country town in the Tennessee Mountains. In the late 1800?s all sorts of things happened from new inventions to large battles. A story that I feel contributed to the story of The Prophet of the Great Smoky Mountains was events of the James-Younger Gang. Granted they were bank robbers and really don?t fit into the story per say but they came from what I would like to call a tight nit community that doesn?t take kindly to outsiders just like the town in the book. I am unsure if this influenced the writer at all but it clearly gives reference to real news stories and brings an even more realistic feeling to the novel. The gang itself seemed a lot like Mirandy Jane?s brothers willing to do anything to keep their family safe and would prefer the town they live in to be very close nit and one another watch out for all in the town. Works Cited Murfree Mary n. The Prophet of the Great Smokey Mountains . Cambridge : The Riverside Press 1185. Electronic copy. Oklahoma Historical Society. Younger Gang. 2007. Website. 26 April 2014.

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