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I have attached the background, research problem, research questions and Hypothesis. Bases on that information write statistical Methodology answer the followings. Each bold headed topic should be each new paragraph started and cover each bullet points headings.  Also I have attached the more supporting documents


The Research Statistical Framework

Instructions:   Begin each paragraph with the statement shown.  Then, complete the paragraph using the concepts shown in the bullets.  You can change the wording of the statements and the bullets.  

The researcher will obtain data from …

  • Explain where your data will derive from
  • Describe the type of data that will be collected
  • Identify the data as quantitative or qualitative
  • Elaborate on how the data will be collected

The data will be tabulated using computer software.

  • Describe the software(s) that will be used to tabulate the data(stat crunch and excel)
  • What format style will the data be presented in

 The data will be plotted to display the graphical characteristic and parameters of the data.

  • Describe the software(s) that will be used to plot the data
  • What format style will the graphs be presented in

The statistical method to test the hypothesis will be determined based on the shape and graphical characteristic of the graph.

  • Provide a statement that explains the following: the plot will determine if the data is parametric or non-parametric (parametric means normal while non-parametric means not normal)
  • Describe in your words the following: based on the shape of the plotted data, a decision will be made as to the appropriate statistical hypothesis method to test the hypothesis. Some examples of statistical methods are the z-score, t-test, ANOVA and Chi-square, to name a few

The researcher will complete the analysis of the data using an appropriate statistical method.  

  • Describe the confidence interval that will be used (eg, 90%, 95%, 99%…)

The researcher will reach a conclusion based on the results of the statistical analysis.  The researcher will articulate the conclusion and pertinent details to support the conclusion of the research question and hypothesis statements.

Describe in your words the following:

  • The results will be used to decide if the null hypothesis is rejected.
  • If the null hypothesis is rejected, then the analysis suggests that the research hypothesis is supported. The conclusion will have a statement similar to the following: “The result of the statistical test of the hypotheses indicates that the null hypothesis can be rejected.  This suggests that the research hypothesis of this Graduate Capstone Paper is supported.  The findings are statistically significant with a p=0.05 or an equivalent confidence interval of 95%.”
  • If the null hypothesis test is not rejected, plausible explanations will be provided as to why the null hypothesis was not rejected.P(5.u)

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