Rural development and poverty

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    •    What is the author trying to achieve in writing the article (i.e., overall purpose and specific objectives)?
    •    How is the paper organized or what key issues does the author address?
    •    What basic ideas, facts, or arguments does the author present and how are they used to support the goal(s) of the paper?
    •  What does the author conclude about the topic under investigation (e.g., argumentatively or empirically)?

    •    Is the author’s purpose clearly set out and integrated throughout the paper?

    •    What is your perception of the organization of the paper, that is, the flow of ideas, information, and conclusions?

    •    Are the conclusions or implications informative, thought-provoking ?

    •    What is your overall assessment of the paper and its contributions to the field of study?
    •    How does the author’s work compare to other research or writing on the topic?
    •    What other aspects of the issue require further attention, especially as an extension of the ideas presented in paper under review?

    •What kind of evidence does the author use to prove his or her points?
    •Is the evidence convincing? Why or why not?
    •Does the author support his or her points adequately?
    •How does this article relate to other articles on the same topic?
    •Is the article unique?
    •Does it add new information?
    •What groups of readers if any would find this article most useful?
    •Does the author have the necessary expertise to write this article?
    •What credentials or background does the author have that qualifies him or her to write this article?
    •Has the author written other articles on this topic?
    •Do authors in this field consider this author to be an expert?
    •What are the most appropriate criteria by which to judge the article?
    •How successful do you think the author was in carrying out the overall purpose of the article?

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