Safety Portfolio of Rosiglitazone Drug

Preparing a portfolio of studies (involving summary paragraphs and tables) evaluating the efficacy/safety of a marketed drug NAME OF DRUG IS ROSIGLITAZONE 
at different stages 
(- In vitro testing cell lines & ex vivo preparations
-  Testing in animals 
-  Clinical trials & Post marketing safety data.) of its development.

-Section 1 – Introduction to ROSIGLITAZONE drug (focusing on background, Mod of action of ROSIGLITAZONE what is used for, etc.) (500 words max)
- Section 2 – In vitro toxicity -  A summary table of the in vitro toxicity literature (max 5-10 references) -  A 500 word (max) summary of the in vitro toxicity literature 
- Section 3 – Toxicity in Animal Models -  A summary table of the animal toxicity literature (max 5-10 references) -  A 500 word (max) summary of the animal toxicity literature 
–Section 4 – Clinical Safety Testing -  A summary table of the clinical safety literature including (study Details (design – patients- duration) -Criteria – interventions – assessment – toxicity (adverse effect) -Reference)
(max 5-10 references) -  A 500 word (max) summary of the clinical safety literature 
-Section 5 – Overall Summary – An overall 1000 word (max) summary on the safety of your drug and expressing your opinion.

You have to take this points in to consideration

-Define ‘toxicity’ – what are you actually measuring? 
– Measurable System – What can you measure? 
– Qualitative assessment – Mood/Feelings/Personality 
– Quality of life/improvement of symptoms 
-Trial Design (• Most trials involve “between-patient” comparisons – each patient receives only one treatment. 
•  Cross-over trial uses “within-patient” comparisons – each patient receives more than one treatment. 
•  Multicentre: Trial run in more than one location/country/continent. 
•  Single Blinding, Double Blinding & Triple Blinding – neither the patient, clinician nor the statistician knows what treatment the patient is receiving.)


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