Science and Religion

Have you ever wondered why there is so much tension between science and religion? It all goes back to the challenges posed to religious doctrine and authority by key scientific developments that began in the 17th century. In this module, you will have an opportunity to study those developments and see how they have shaped the interaction between science and religion. We will conclude by identifying four models of interaction between science and religion which, taken together, encompass most actual historical interactions.

  • Read McGrath, Chapters 1 – 6

Why are science and religion in tension? What are the various ways in which scientists, philosophers, and theologians have responded to that tension?

Choose one of the historical episodes discussed in chapters 3-5 (Galileo, Newton, or Darwin) and explain how the historical episode you have chosen has impacted the relationship between science and religion. Specifically, in what ways has the episode you chose contributed to the perception of the warfare model of interaction between science and religion? What reasons are there for thinking that the warfare model is not the appropriate way to interpret the impact of your chosen historical episode on the relationship between science and religion? 

Your post should be at least 250 words and must substantively and originally respond to the discussion prompt, integrating the assigned readings from the module as specified, with proper APA style formatting.

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