Science Short Answers

1. Does the very nature of conducting clinical trials in developing countries make it unethical? Identify the various stakeholders involved in such clinical testing and the reasons they use to defend or oppose such trials. Clearly state why and why not these clinical trials are ethical. Use examples from the article you have located and the assigned readings as supporting evidence. Look at both the individual’s needs and best interests and those of the community, and those who will ultimately benefit from this new drug/vaccine/device.What changes would you recommend to make this process of international clinical trials more transparent, equitable and more strictly regulated? Who should do/oversee the regulating? How do you envision your suggestions being enforced?

2. Is the case strong enough to recommend discontinuing all animal research? Why or why not? Explain your response and provide specific factors (time, events, new information, etc.) that may influence you to change your position.

3. Genetic engineering will transform our world in the next decade and is in fact already irreversibly altering our world. What do you think of Dr. Doudna’s call for a pause in using CRISPR technology in a clinical setting? Is this a good idea, why or why not and how would the world enforce this moratorium? The intersection of biotechnology, genetic engineering and bioethics is a constantly shifting landscape. What are the ethical considerations that these scientists need to be addressing?

4. Read and answer the following questions.…

  1. Select one of the seven fundamental unsolved questions
  2. In your own words, explain this fundamental, unsolved question
  3. Now do some research using the EC Library and/or Google Scholar to determine if this is STILL a question or if there is some newer research that addresses this concern.
  4. Describe the results of your research – is there now an answer? Has the question changed? Is there a partial resolution or no change at all?
  5. RE-write the question, either as a new question, a lingering question or a solution.
  6. Use APA style referencing and in-text citations to identify at least two research article you have used in your work on this discussion post.

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