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Question Secrets Of My Research Success Information and Library Services Secrets Of My Research Success: Final Assessment Please indicate which library course(s) you have taken: LIBS150 UCSP610/611 NONE THIS IS A SAMPLE QUIZ. YOUR ANSWERS WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED. 1. What are the reasons to create a search statement? a) To save time b) Because different databases may use different vocabulary c) To get more relevant results d) All of the above 2. Which Boolean operator would you use in a search statement to join keywords if you wanted to find results that included all of the keywords from the search statement? a) AND b) OR c) NOT d) NONE 3. If you wanted to search for a specific phrase in a database which searching technique would you use:: a) Add an asterisk (*) to the end of the phrase b) Use the Boolean operator OR between the phrase words c) Insert quotation marks around the phrase d) Insert parentheses around the phrase 4. Where is the best place to locate a list of possible databases relevant to a specific subject area? a) The main UMUC Web site b) WebTycho c) The ?Search by Subject? section of the UMUC Library Web site (1 of 3) [04/09/2009 3:15:47 PM] Secrets Of My Research Success d) None of the above 5. What factors will determine the database that you use? a) Topic b) Perspective c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ d) The name of the database 6. If too many articles are retrieved in a database search what should be done? a) Nothing b) The topic should be narrowed down further and search limiters should be used c) The databases shouldn?t be searched and the Internet should be used instead d) The databases shouldn?t be searched and the library catalog (catalogUSMAI) should be used instead 7. How can you get an article if it is not available full-text in the database? a) You can?t – there is no way to get it b) Click on the Find It button c) Order it from DocumentExpress d) Both ‘b’ and ‘c’ 8. Which of the following factors would NOT be used when evaluating an article for use in a research paper? a) The article title b) Who the intended audience is c) How objective or biased the article is d) The date the article was published 9. Which of these items does NOT apply to academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed articles? a) They undergo a rigorous review process to ensure the facts are correct b) They offer a high level of reliability c) They are written by an expert in the field d) They are found in popular magazines 10. Which methods can you use to contact a UMUC librarian? a) By phone email and chat b) By phone email chat instant messaging and face-to-face appointments c) By email only d) You can’t contact them (2 of 3) [04/09/2009 3:15:47 PM] Secrets Of My Research Success 11. How can you determine if information found on the Internet is reliable? a) Ask a friend b) Look at the authority accuracy objectivity currency and coverage of the material c) Assume that if it is on the Internet it has to be true d) Assume that if it is on the Internet it is definitely unreliable 12. What may be some of the consequences of plagiarism? a) A failing grade b) Expulsion from the university c) All of the above d) None of the above 13. What resources does the library provide to assist you with citation? a) Citation guides and tutorials b) Access to RefWorks an online bibliographic management tool c) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’ d) The library does not provide any resources to assist with citation Submit My Answers THIS IS A SAMPLE QUIZ. YOUR ANSWERS WILL NOT BE SUBMITTED. If you have any questions or problems please contact Information and Library Services at 301985-7209 or 1-800-888-8682 x.7209 or via e-mail at (3 of 3) [04/09/2009 3:15:47 PM]

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