Self-Assessment Letter to the Academy

The Self-Assessment Letter addressed to the Academy, which will act as a formal introduction on your e-Portfolio homepage, will provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate that you’ve understood the course goals as well as the composition terms that we’ve been working with all semester—thesis, full source introduction, annotation, synthesis, citation, rhetoric, critical thinking, audience, subjective/objective voice, genre, inductive reasoning, etc.
The Self-Assessment is, therefore, a kind of autoethnographic research paper. Your development as a writer is the subject; brief passages of your written work included in your portfolio are the evidence and must be introduced and in-text cited by corresponding essay title using either signal phrases or parentheticals. You will not be able to address each course goal or composition term fully, so be selective; consider what you will leave class with.

The three attached papers are done for the portfolio need to be introduced and in-text cited. The other three pdf files are the paper requirements and why we were writing the papers. Use the 6 files to write the self-assessment letter.


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