Self-education vs Formal education

Your second paper will be a research paper about a particular issue or trend in your industry. The goal of this
research paper is to inform your audience (your classmates – assume that your audience has little to no familiarity
with your topic) about a particular issue in your field and persuade them to agree with an assertion you have
made in your thesis statement. You should create an informed opinion and articulate it. You will select your own
broad subject, narrow it to compose your thesis statement, and upon approval, begin your research.
• Length: 600-800 words
• File Format: Microsoft Word
• Design: You must use a template in Word and apply styles
• Citations (that demonstrate proper APA Style formatting):
o At least three sources for each paper (easily obtained from the library databases)
o At least four direct quotations from those sources
• Images: You must have at least one image and/or table (properly cited)
• Research: After the citations list at the end of the paper (your APA Style references page), you must
include a screen shot of the annotated articles from your Diigo library
• Topic sentences: Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and everything in that paragraph
should contribute to it


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