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Your Major Project final document will be presented as a comprehensive concept outline and operational plan. This is a large and complex document combining tables, charts, text, images, designs, forms and more. It is essential that the final document is a cohesive professional proposal that reads clearly and seamlessly.

The Major Project Document consists of five (5) chapters which are written in response to a specific Major Project brief. Each brief is aligned to key subject as follows:

Chapter Brief Subject
1 Concept Development Concept Development (CD1)
2 Creative Design & Production Creative Design & Production (CDP1)
3 Feasibility Project Management (PM1)
4 Operations Operations (O1)
5 Sustainable Event Management Sustainable Event Management (SEM1)
Appendix & Formatting Administration (A1)

You must ensure that all of the required content is included (i.e. all briefs are fully completed), and that the document is formatted to college standards.

Document Format
Your event major project documentation must contain all of the material you have produced to date including:

• Title page
• Table of Contents (TOC)
• Executive Summary (this is a snapshot of the event and is included on a page on its own)
• Concept Development
• Creative Design & Production
• Feasibility
• Operations
• Sustainable Event Management
• Bibliography
• Appendix (MUST include your Risk Management Plan that was completed in your Safety class, as well as the Regulatory Compliance document, and any other information you feel is essential or does not discreetly fit anywhere else)

It is recommended to make the information easier to read and navigate by using an index, footnotes, Harvard referencing, inclusion of an appendix, and any other shortcuts suited to a document of this type.
Please note that a source listed as "Google" or "google images" is not acceptable.

Also, importantly, ensure you check the complete document for accuracy with spelling and grammar. The document must be always written in third-person perspective.

File name:
lastname>firstinitial>title>event name>version1.0 e.g. SmithB_MPDocument_Tea Festival_1.0

Please do NOT include any symbols in your file name such as (&*%$#@)

Document set up:
Microsoft 2010 or 2013
Header: Student name (left hand side) and document title (right hand side) – Major Project: **Name of Event**
Footer: Page number (centred)
Calibri 11 point
1.5 line space – consistent
Left justified
Portrait, however landscape orientation where required

Please use relevant images only to support your concept.
Ensure that images are compressed and ensure all images are at print resolution (300 dpi).
Caption all images unless used in a mood board/collage

The document should contain sub-headings and be book-marked with a table of contents
Pages must be white not black (for printing purposes)


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