Sexual Assault – Men and Women Victims

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Sexual assault has as its victims men, women, children, and even infants. Discuss the differences and similarities regarding how sexual assaults perpetrated against men differ from sexual assaults perpetrated against women. As always, use information from the course written and video material to support your analysis.

“Rape culture?”

It has been asserted that in the United States there exists a “rape culture.” Does such a culture actually exist in the U.S.?  Present an evidence-supported argument either supporting or rejecting this idea. Provide at least three explicit examples from the course material to support you position. Information from both the course video and written material must be used in your analysis

1)The relativity of deviance – (4th edition) John Curra (2017) CH. 6 is your main attention!

2)Embodied Harms: Gender, Shame, and Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence

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