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In this section, the reader should find a brief overview of the methods that were utilized in the research, the reasons that those methods were appropriate for the research problem, an explanation of how the outcomes for those methods can be understood and interpreted. It is important to remember that the people reading your report or listening to your presentation may not be familiar with the analysis methods being used. You must present the methods in such a way that anyone interested in your research will be able to understand what was done and why it was done. This section should include the following:
• Overview of analysis methods used
• Justification for methods chosen
• Outcomes of analysis
• Significance of results (statistical and otherwise)
• Determine the sample size using the collected information from respondents.
• Determine Reliability of the different constructs (a group of questions related to a specific topic)
• You should use at least 3 One-Sample t tests, 2 Independent-Sample t tests, Cross-Tabulations for demographic data (gender, education, Income, etc.), and regression analysis when it is appropriate.


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