Should smoking be banned at PMU?

PMU means Prince Mohammed University.

As pointed out in class, submit your first draft only. Again, no one can produce a flawless first draft. If you hand in a first draft that contains absolutely no mistakes, it will NOT count.

In addition to the rubric which was handed out in class, keep the following in mind:

1. Write an INTERESTING introduction. The introduction of an argument essay should interest the reader in the issue and suggest why the issue is important. Write both the hook and the thesis statement in bold.

2. The thesis statement should identify the issue and YOUR position on it. It may also suggest the primary reasons for accepting the position.

3. Each of your body paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence, each of which must relate back to the argument of the thesis as well as concisely summarize the main idea of the paragraph (it can even have key words from the thesis). Underline each topic sentence and circle the key words in the topic sentence that connect back to the thesis statement.

4. Provide convincing reasons to support your point and sufficient support for them.

5. The two primary types of support are reasons and evidence. Evidence inlcudes facts and statistics, quotations from authorities, examples and personal experience. Research is sometimes necessary to locate sufficient evidence to support your position. All evidence must be italicized.

6. Be sure to include an opposing viewpoint (also known as counterargument) and refutation, both of which must be included in your in the LAST body paragraph. An opposing viewpoint is the position that is opposite of the one you took. It is effective to recognize opposing viewpoints because it builds your credibility and it shows that you are open minded. As for refutation, think of it as a process of finding weaknesses in the oponent’s argument.Highlight both the counterargument and refutation in different colors.

7. End your essay by drawing your discussion together neatly. Remember to restate the thesis, summarize the main points, and include a final thought.
8. Compare the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. There must be a logical connection between the two.

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