Siegfried Sassoon – Memoirs of an Infantry Officer Response


Treat these responses as short critical papers. These responses are not “book reports” or textual summaries. These are thought pieces. They don’t have to be grammatically perfect, but they should express a coherent thought and a logical line of inquiry. But above all else, try to think as imaginatively as you can about these assignments. I want you to engage actively and critically with the text, but I also want you to explore these texts with pleasure, passion, and inquisitiveness. As short papers they must, whenever possible, quote (no block quotes, please) and/or paraphrase specific passages. All such citations should include pages numbers, such as (p. 32). Please do not include the prompt in the response, but make sure to title your response (with something that reflects the content of your response). I will pose a few ideas and questions for each week’s response prompt, but feel free to explore any issue in the readings that you want. do not use outside sources no Wikipedia


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