Significant and contemporary public sector issue

Research Paper: Each student is responsible for writing a research paper based on a significant and contemporary public sector issue. The issues should be derived from the class textbook and related to the student’s current job assignment. Some examples are:

o    Affirmative Action
o    Substance Abuse
o    Training
o    Employee Morale
o    Management/Union Relations
o    Contingency Workers
o    Recruiting
o    Retention
o    Workplace Harassment
o    Labor Negotiations
o    Personnel appraisal
o    The Economy
o    State Budget
o    Reorganization
o    Compensation
o    New Trends in Personnel Management

A minimum of five literary references should be used to substantiate assumptions and findings.

Papers should be no less than eight pages, double spaced, and typewritten; not including a title page and bibliography.

The research paper will be graded on its content, which includes research quality, writing content, organization, and grammar, all consistent with the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines.

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