Significant Potential Liability to Inheritance Tax To a High Net Worth Individual In Excess Of £2m In UK Typically

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As an independent financial adviser (IFA), you have been asked to write an article for publication in a lifestyle magazine which is published quarterly. The publication is generally for individuals with a high net worth, typically in excess of £2m.

The editor has identified that the individuals who typically read the magazine are likely to have a significant potential liability to Inheritance Tax (IHT), and she has asked that your article focuses on how such individuals could seek to take steps to mitigate their potential liability. The article should include an overview of how inheritance tax operates, and a number of strategies in which IHT can be mitigated, including the benefits and drawbacks of entering into each of these arrangements.

You should write an article that addresses this issue in language that a typical client is likely to understand. You should include examples and calculations if you feel they help the article.

As part of the brief it has been suggested that you will need to consult a number of information sources as part of your research for the article. This research should be documented in part (B). This ‘bibliography’ will also be presented to the readers of the article, and be a source of further reading for them.

Part B

Compile a full bibliography to support your research, and present it in line with scholarly convention. This bibliography will also be presented to the readers of the article, and be a source of further reading for them.

Write approximately 100 words on each of three of the references contained in the bibliography. Comment on their usefulness and relevance on the subject matter.

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