SOC 313 Week 2 Assignment Biopsychosocial Paradigm PIE and Bronfenbrenner?s Ecological Theory (New). Get an A++.

Question Assignment1. Due by Day 7. Biopsychosocial paradigm PIE Perspective and Bronfenbrenner?s Ecological Theory. Priorto completing this assignment read Chapter 1 in the text the articles listed and review any relevant InstructorGuidance. You have been asked to speak to an audience on the importance of the social factors affecting one?sexperience of life. For this presentation create an interesting and educational PowerPoint presentation whichcontains a critical narrative that integrates aspects of the various theories with your individual socioculturalexperiences.To begin create a PowerPoint presentation of four to five slides (excluding title and reference slides). Please seethe following instructions for creating your content.Choose one of the following theories as your main focus and the lens through which you will compare theother two: the biopsychosocial paradigm person in environment (PIE) perspective and Bronfenbrenner?secological theory.Research each theory fully so that you can effectively synthesize information relevant to these topics.Your presentation must include at least three scholarly sources that are cited in APA format as outlined inthe Ashford Writing Center. For help with finding scholarly resources for your presentation view thetutorial on searching for articles from the Ashford University Library.Provide an initial slide with a summary description of the theory you chose as your main focus. Howdoes this theory show that your environment impacts your life? Please do not include anything you areuncomfortable sharing with your instructor.Provide secondary slides with summary descriptions of the other two theories. Be sure to compare eachtheory to the main theory used in your initial slide.Incorporate appropriate images tables graphs or other visuals as necessary. Please observe these general guidelines for your visual presentation. This link contains tips for creating effectiveslide presentations.Slides should be sequenced and organized clearly.Slides should show a clear and logical progression of ideas.Slides should include bullet points or short sentences not dense paragraphs.Slides should include relevant visuals such as images graphs tables data summaries sound and/oranimation that enhance understanding of concepts ideas and relationships.Slides should include appropriately formatted APA citations for all information taken from yourresources.The presentation as a whole should include a consistent theme format and font to a ssist with readability.Once you have completed your PowerPoint create a screencast of your presentation using Include atitle for your presentation in the description box when you publish your screencast . Refer to the Screenr.comQuick-Start Guide for assistance.Your presentation time has been limited by your host to between three and five minutes so you will need toincorporate as many characteristics of an effective speaker as you can within this timeframe. These characteristicsmay include humor storytelling facts pace and volume. Since there is no video of the presenter (just thepresentation itself) you will not have the benefit of body language so be sure to create a convincing screencast.Copy and paste the URL link to your screencast into the title page of your PowerPoint presentation and submityour presentation for grading. All sources used within the presentation must be cited properly within the slidesand included on the required reference slide which will be the last slide of the PowerPoint presentatio n. Due tothe time limit of your presentation you are not required to speak or read through the title or reference slides.However you must include your reference slide when you submit your PowerPoint presentation.Creating the PresentationThe PowerPoint presentation:Must be four to five slides (excluding title and reference slides).Must include a title slide with the following:o Title of the presentationo Student?s name o Course name and numbero Instructor?s nameo Date submittedo URL for your screencast presentationMust begin with a content slide that provides a summary of the main theory as it relates to an experienceof how environment impacts life. A succinct thesis statement must be present either in the text on theslide or clearly stated in the speaker?s voice over for the screencast.Must include slide(s) of the two perspectives of how environment impacts human beings.Must include example(s) of how the social/environmental perspective impacts one?s life using each ofthese three perspectives. Use specific life experiences to demonstrate these impacts (e.g. a child withautism and Bronfenbrenner?s ecological theory). Who is affected by this disorder and how? Considermicro mezzo and macro levels.Must include images and text that tastefully convey the message presented on each slide.Must utilize to create a screencast video presentation that presents each slide in more detail.Must use at least three scholarly resources.Must conform to the screencast time limit of between three and five minutes.Must have appropriate in-text citations for all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford WritingCenter.Must include a separate reference slide that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in theAshford Writing Center.

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