Social conflict hypothetical transformation

need a writer with the book ( Constructive Conflict .. from escalation to resolution – Kriesberg – fifth edition)***
the 2nd book is attached in files.

Here is where you describe how you would use the theory and practice of Conflict Resolution, as you have learned in our texts and other course materials, to transform a destruction social conflict (group-to-group) to a constructive conflict. Interpersonal conflicts don’t qualify. Mere problems don’t qualify; there must be a conflict between one group of people and another and a possibility of group-to-group negotiation (your student debt doesn’t qualify unless you posit a negotiation between a lobbying coalition for dropping the debt and US Congress, for example, and the problem of divorce doesn’t qualify, for instance). The most identifiable problems are those with spokespeople on at least two sides justifying violence toward the other group. Minimum 1,000 words; describe the current destructive social conflict in approximately100 words and the transformative process in the remaining 900 or more. Use both texts (including all germane elements, certainly the four steps, of the principled negotiation process) plus any other course content you feel appropriate.


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