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This discussion post directly relates to your end of the year project. Respond using information from Chapters 1 – 8, Content Rules​ book​. Please use quotes and citations (at least twice) in your discussion. Please post answers to the following questions. You do not need to comment on other posts.

1- State the company you chose to work on and provide a brief description of their business and customer base.
2- If you are promoting your own brand identity give a description.
3- What goal and/or goals do you want to achieve for the business or your personal brand identity?

Answer the five questions (review, Handley, 21-22).
Why are you creating the content you’re creating (What are your goals?)
Who is your audience and who are you?
What do you want the content to achieve?
When and how are you going to develop the content?
Where are you going to publish?

4. Read, What do I talk about when there’s nothing to say, (p. 73 – 80). Describe or explain which approaches you will use in your final project (pick a minimum of four).

5. Define "Curated Content" and explain how you will use it in your project (p, 86 – 92). "Content curation can fit into an organization’s content strategy nicely. By finding, filtering, and sharing the timeliest, most relevant, and most stimulating online content, curation can further establish an organization as an authority and thought leader – and a resource to its audience (Handley, p. 87).


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