Social Media and negative effects of it on our lives

**Guidelines given by the professor**

Directions: The proposal is comprised of a series of subheadings and appropriate text. Follow the directions closely. The entire document must be double spaced, and the subheadings should be in bold, underlined, and placed in the left corner without indenting. Then return one double space. Begin text here as usual, indenting the first line of each paragraph.

Cover Page: The first page of the proposal will be the Title page and will include the title of your project/paper, your name, and the person or agency to whom you are submitting the proposal

*Center all information in the middle of the Title page.

Abstract: Summarize your project/paper in fifty to one hundred words. Explain and define your topic and include the answers to the following questions:

Why is this problem important in today’s society?
Why should people read and take my argument seriously?

Purpose Statement: This section will consist of two parts.

The first part will be a thesis statement that provides the rationale for the project. The thesis statement should be labeled “Thesis:” and should be separated from the rest of the purpose statement by one double space.

You will need to analyze your audience. Label this section “Audience Analysis:” List all individuals or groups that you think will be a part of your audience; then, list what you assume each group already knows about your topic and what each group feels or believes about your topic. Next, describe what types of information each group will need to know in order to better judge your argument. Be specific.

Statement of Qualification: Explain your experience and any special qualities or perspectives you bring to the argument. If you do not have direct experience with the topic, describe your interest in choosing this specific area of discussion and what you think your lack of experience can bring to the paper.

Review of Literature: When constructing your thesis, you should have decided on three to four initial points (either aspects of the problem or potential solutions) for discussion within your paper. Provide one source for each of these points and summarize it. Include the MLA citation with the accompanying summary (same format as usual).

Use the following format to guide you:

Review of Literature

Point One: Identify Point One here.

Smith, Ann. Treatment is Possible. New York: Straten Publishing, 1999.

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