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Assignment Description For this paper, you will build on the discussions we’ve had in this component of the course (i.e., surveillance, privacy, and censorship) and conduct a thorough analysis of a documentary thatrelates to surveillance, privacy, and/or censorship (see suggestions at the end of this prompt).Specifically, you will choose a documentary and then explore how it relates to one or more of the concepts discussed in this module of the course (surveillance, privacy, censorship, power, marginalization, hegemony, etc.), and then discuss how those concepts relate to ethics. You will also discuss how these concepts have individual, societal, and organizational impacts. Please be sure to read the following procedure carefully and follow the instructions therein. Assignment Procedures Begin by choosing a documentary that you think deals with issues of surveillance, privacy, and/or censorship. You may choose a documentary from the list below, or choose a documentary from the website listed below, or just choose your own documentary. Watch the documentary. Note how the concepts we’ve discussed so far in class (e.g., surveillance, privacy, censorship, power, marginalization, hegemony, etc.) relate to thedocumentary. It might be a good idea to take notes. Consider the ethical implications of the documentary. How do these implications affect individual people? How do these implications affect society as a whole? How do these implications affect large-scale systems/organizations within the U.S.? Assignment Outline Introduction (~.5 page):For this section of your paper, you should include the following components. Please make sure to format this as an essay, so you should not use bullet points for this section.Begin with a “hook” that catches your reader’s interest and introduces your paper.Briefly introduce the documentary you selected. Include a thesis statement that explains what you do in your paper (e.g., “In this paper, I analyze how [concepts] are discussed in [documentary] in order to uncover the ethicalconsiderations on individual, societal, and organization levels. In particular [insertargument]”). Remember, your thesis should forward an argument. That is, whatever conclusions you come to in the paper should be listed in the thesis/Include a preview statement after your thesis statement that previews the sections of your paper (e.g., “The following sections describe the [documentary], discusses [concepts], applies [concepts] to [documentary], and finally analyzes the ethical implications on an individual, societal, and organization level”).Documentary Description (~.5 page):Describe the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the documentary.Make sure to cite the documentary using APA format.
Course Concepts (~.5):Describe the course concepts (e.g., surveillance, privacy, censorship, power, marginalization, hegemony, etc.) that you think best relate to the documentary. Explain what they are and how they function. Do not discuss your documentary in this section; instead,focus on the concepts themselves.Make sure to cite at least one of the class readings usingAPA format. You may also cite outside readings if you would like.Documentary Analysis (~1-2 pages): Discuss how the course concepts discussed in the abovesection relate to the documentary. In doing so, consider and answer the following questions (Please make sure to format this as an essay, so you should not use bullet points for this section): How are the course concepts represented/discussed in the documentary? How do the course concepts inform/relate to each other within the documentary? What new issues does the documentary bring up? Analysis of ethical issues (~2 pages): Discuss the ethical considerations of the intersection of the course concepts and the documentary. In doing so, consider and answer the following questions (Please make sure to format this as an essay, so you should not use bullet points for this section):What are some of the ethical considerations raised by the documentary? How do these ethical considerations relate to course concepts? What groups are affected by these considerations, and to what end? For instance, in the context of the documentary you’ve selected, whom does surveillance benefit and whom does it harm? What are the ethical considerations of certain groups benefitting/being harmed over others? What are the implications of the ethical considerations that you’ve identified and discussed? That is, what are the impacts of these ethical imperatives on individual/personal, societal, and organizational/systemic levels? Conclusion (~.5): For this section of your paper, you should include the following components. Please make sure to format this as an essay, so you should not use bullet points for this section.Review what you covered in this paper (e.g., “In this paper, I discussed [documentary] and analyzed how it discusses [course concepts] and the ethical imperatives of [course concepts] on an individual, society, and organizational level”).Indicate your overall assessment of the ethical issues discussed in the documentary. List of potential documentaries:* Fiefdom of Speech  The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet  9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money  Mosaic of Facts Hollywood and The Pentagon: A Dangerous Liaison All documentaries are available by following the included link and searching for the title thatyou’ve selected (Top Documentary Films link: Somedocumentaries are available on YouTube as well.
* If none of these documentaries interest you, feel free to browse through the above website, or find another documentary that relates to surveillance, privacy, and/or censorship. Assignment Formatting Requirements  Minimum of 5 full pages of text; maximum of 6 pages  Proofread for spelling/grammar errors and for clarity*  Make sure to include headings for each section of your paper (noted above in the outline). Headings should be centered and bolded, as consistent with APA style  12 point font: Times New Roman  One inch margins  Save/submit as a Word .doc or .docx file  Double spaced (do not triple space between paragraphs)  Include page numbers in the top right corner of the page (be sure to have the same font in the header as in the rest of the document)  Do not include your name, name/number of course, instructors’ names, submission date, or any other superfluous information at the top of your first page  No cover page required  All sources must be cited in APA** format; all sources must be cited in-text and in the reference page at the end of your essay.  Reference page must start on a new page: include the word References centered at the top of the page.


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