Social Media Plan

About the assignment
This assignment is designed to extend your knowledge of your organisation and key areas of digital public relations that we have been studying this semester such as engaging and managing online communities, media relations and managing specialist publics. It should build on from what you did in the first assignment. It will also help you to think creatively, learn how to share and implement ideas, and also teach you to think more reflectively about your own work.
Time will be provided during tutorials in Weeks 5 – 7 for discussion and practice for the plan.

The brief:
This is the second part of your client review; the development of a plan.
This assessment piece is to be written from your professional perspective as a practitioner. You are preparing this for your client (insert your chosen social enterprise organisation) on their behalf. Your client has emailed and said that they were very happy with the review that you conducted and would like you to now put together some ideas and recommendations on how your findings could be improved.
What’s expected:
Drawing on the relevant readings from Weeks 5 – 7 (and any other relevant readings), create a simple social media plan to support your recommendations.

How to do the Social Media Plan (Due Week 7):
Using the template provided prepare a report that documents your plans for updating your client’s social media with specific reference to Instagram.
Your plan must details include the following sections:
Goals – one Relationship and one Reputational
Objectives – 3 objectives for each goal (these cannot be advertising or marketing oriented)
Target Publics (these may be different according to your Goals & Objectives)
Messages and hashtags – hashtags must be a combination of unique to the campaign and official
6 Instagram tactics – these must follow a sequence and not be advertising or marketing oriented. A few sentences describing each tactic is required.
Other tactics (these can be a combination of offline and online depending on what is appropriate). For example, perhaps as a result of your goals and objectives you may have a few suggestions on how to improve the website in a way that will facilitiate the use of social media by the organisation and/or it’s publics. Or it may be appropriate to hold an event that can then (along with the resulting link to PR areas) be discussed across social media platforms.
The plan should include references. Please read the Reference section below for details.
As for A1, please prepare a jpg of your plan ready to upload into the Peer Share Database.

Prepare for the Assignment 2 Brainstorming tutorial in Week 5 * by:
Read the key resources provided in the A2 Details and Resources area.
Listen to the Week 5 lecture and do the required reading for Week 5.
Do some reflection about your review and bring along generic ideas of what needs to be included in a plan for the brainstorm session in Week 5. Think about your specific recommendations and relate the item to more generic terms for inclusion in a generic template.

Week 5 Tutorial – Peer-brainstorm for Plan template – Attendance at this tutorial is strongly encouraged. Brainstorming client projects is standard practice in industry. This is an excellent opportunity to begin developing these skills for when you do an internship, volunteer work or gain an opportunity to do some work in industry. In 2016 students found this brainstorming session invaluable way of learning and preparing for the assignment.

Then over the next two weeks (from Week 5 – Week 7) prepare your plan document ready for submission.

Social Media Plan Submission (2 steps):
To upload your Plan into the peer database area you will need to save it as a jpg. When you have uploaded your Plan, you will then be able to see all the other student Plans. This will give you an idea as to how other students approached the assignment and how they translated their review into plans. This is also an important step for A3 when you will be required to include commentary on other students’ plans as part of the assignment.
To submit your assignment for assignment marking by tutors, you will need to upload a pdf of your Plan into the dropboxes in the Unit Moodle site. Please upload this document into the drop-boxes provided in the A2 Details and Resources area. Your assignment will not be assessed unless a copy is uploaded into Moodle by the due date and time.

Presentation for marking: For marking, the Plan should be presented as a single document. Please keep the formatting of the final pdf/word doc simple. The background of the document should be white. A plain font such as Times New Roman or Arial should be used. Font size should be 12. Please write your assignment filename as: Unit number_Surname_A2 (e.g. 9034_Rickard_A2), where A2 stands for assignment 2. The file should be uploaded into the relevant drop-box on Moodle. No emailed copies or hardcopies are accepted for marking.


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