Social Science

Option A: Political Systems: Understanding American Democracy. Read Chapter 7: Power and Politics. Then, watch the documentary Citizenship and Civic Responsibilities via the Films on Demand section of the Ashford University Library. Respond to the following questions:
•How egalitarian are citizenship rights in the United States?
•Identify one social problem that is caused by unequal access to citizenship or civic rights. In other words, what are the negative consequences for everyone when one group is given unequal access to citizenship or civic rights?
•Provide one possible solution to this social problem.

Be sure to provide concrete examples from the text and from your own research. Refer to the Social Science Research Guide in the Ashford University Library or search for scholarly articles using FindIt@AU. In crafting your response, you must make references to twosources other than the textbook or the assigned documentary; again, the Social Science Research Guide is an invaluable resource to help you locate relevant material. Your initial post must be at least 250 words, excluding the question prompt and the references. Please cite your sources in APA format both in-text and in full reference citations at the end of the post.


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