sociological imagination

200 words: Learn about the sociological imagination by watching and discussing this week’s video:
1. Watch the video about a group that dances with snakes and consider as a sociologist: Why would someone dance with a poisonous snake?
2. Discuss the social characteristics of the group—low socioeconomic standing, no access to medical care, rural, uneducated, older, and patriarchal. Use these social characteristics to reexamine the actions of the group’s members.

125 words: Respond as a peer:
Using the parameters listed, I get it, but it is also somewhat reminiscent of pagan religions in the thought that they worship different things they have been exposed to. In that kind of community I would imagine you would believe what you were taught, but at the same time he did say his mother is not supportive of it, which also leads me to feel that women might not have the most highly regarded opinions. As well, I feel that anyone living any form of destitution looks to something to believe in as respite from negativity, that actually brings to mind AA and the member who chose his higher power to be a doorknob and was able to stay clean and sober.


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