Address the following questions and points in your paper: a.Who were the main characters in the movies (up to three per movie), what was their racial and ethnic identity? How do you know this was their identity? What was the main plot or storyline of the movie? How was race and ethnicity related to this main storyline? b. What (if any) stereotypes are expressed in these movies? How so? c. Compare and contrast the three movies. d.Thinking about these movies, and being analytic, step back and identify at least two of the following concepts that can be used as a framework to discuss the way that race and ethnicity was represented in the movies: colonization, exploitation, class, structure, culture, acculturation, assimilation, colorblindness, gentrification, segregation, immigration, intersectionality, social mobility, inequality. Provide a discussion about how these concepts are directly or indirectly discussed/implied in the movie. e.What would an alien from another planet who is not familiar with the U.S. racial paradigm learn about the race/ethnic category of focus in this movie?; Movie links: 1: “High Learning” 2: “Boyz n the hood” 3: “Smoke Signals”;

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