Sources of the African American Past,

Franklin & Higgenbotham, From Slavery to Freedom, Chapter 17: pp.417-48 Finkenbine, Sources of the African American Past, pp.146-55 George Straight, “The Deadly Deception” Paper Topic: What effects did the Great Depression and New Deal have on African American political activities and inclusion in the American mainstream? Discussion Paper Rubric 1. Thesis/Argument: Complex argumentative thesis statement including, “In this paper I argue that [or] demonstrate why [or] explain how [insert argument here]. This is important because [insert significance here].” (2 points) 2. Evidence: Three (3) pieces of evidence from course materials to support thesis in respective paragraphs (i.e., one paragraph per piece of evidence). (3 points) 3. Analysis: Explanation of how/why the evidence supports the thesis. Begin with “This is important because. . .” if necessary. (3 points) 4. Conclusion: Concluding paragraph that explains significance of the thesis and evidence (i.e., that answers the “So what?” question. (1 point) 5. Mechanics: Absence of grammatical errors, syntactical awkwardness, and incorrect spelling. (1 point)


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