SPC application for improving education quality at Wayne state university

1. From a WSU student’s perspective, pick an organizational process at WSU that significantly impacts the quality of your education and/or your student life

2. Answer the three questions I listed below to ensure you select the right quality characteristic to monitor.

a. What is the process? (e.g. a service process, a manufacturing process, an internal operation process, etc.?

b. What are the outputs of the process? (e.g. finished products, served customers, finished jobs, etc.?)

c. What is the quality characteristic that you are trying to monitor of the output from the process and why this quality characteristics could measure the quality of the process? (e.g. product quality, customer satisfaction, job completion rate, etc.)

3. In order to understand whether the process is in control, you need to collect some data from this process and use ONE appropriate control chart to assess the data.

4. Explain your results from the SPC analysis in a way that WSU president could understand.

12-font, double-spaced pages, which include references, tables, figures, etc.


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