Special education reflection paper

Reflection Paper Three Guidelines Topics to Select From ONE of the two topics listed below. Issues in Curriculum-Based Measurement 1. Address how Curriculum-based Measurement is defined in the reading, why it is important for learners with learning deficits, and issues associated with implementation of the process with fidelity. Be sure to reference the guidelines below prior to developing your paper. Instructional Interventions for Students with Learning Disabilities 2. Address issues associated with ensuring best instructional practices are implemented for students with learning disabilities served in general classes. What are some of the critical instructional practices and supports recommended and how does the author address students who resist treatment? Be sure to reference the guidelines below prior to developing your paper. Each reflection paper requires candidates to write an essay reflecting in detail on one of the assigned weekly discussion topics (LISTED ABOVE). The following analytical questions should guide your reflection: The Purpose of the Discussion Section – Why is this section written? Are there any assumptions the author is supporting (e.g., behavioral theories, services to students with exceptionalities, best instructional practices, student rights and responsibilities, etc.)? What specific philosophy or position does the author(s) advocate (for and/or against a specific practice or model)? (1/2 page) •Findings- What are the major findings or points from the section? What are the conclusions of the section? (1/2 page) Reflection “ What have you learned from the findings/implications of the section? How can the implications/applications suggested by the author(s) be applied to your instructional practice with students with disabilities and/or their families? Develop your own critique, your personal evaluation, applications, modification and conclusion about the findings/points from the section. (1 page) The reflection will be a minimum of 2 pages, 12-point font, and double spaced. All academic writing must adhere to the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. As you are writing, be sure to Label each section: Purpose Findings Reflection and address EACH questions/consideration under each element. DO NOT include the questions in your paper. Be sure to add a Title Page for your paper, and Do not simply include the title and your identifying information on the first page of the paper. Such papers will be returned to you with no score, or Space Deductions will be applied. Any paper less than two FULL pages will be deducted 2 points with deductions for any missed/problem areas as well. Remember APA requirement will be fully enforced. READ THE ENTIRE CHAPTER FOR ELEMENTS THAT WILL SUPPORT CONSTRUCTION OF YOUR PAPER. DO NOT SIMPLY PULL FROM ONE SECTION IN THE CHAPTER. See attachment below.

textbook to use is:Sorrells, A.M., Rieth, H.J., & Sindelar, P.T. (2004). Critical Issues in Special Education: Access, diversity, and accountability. Boston, MA.: Pearson Education, Inc.


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