specific research services to specific agencies

INSTRUCTIONS NOT FOLLOWED: The paper is poor and it is not specification. Be more specific please.

Also, be specific in the concept mean.

1- the interdiction:
• Don’t talk about efficiency. Be more specific.
• What kind of training to employees? Give example please.
• When you mention the services. What you mean about services be specific?

2- Problem statement:
• It is difficult to understand what you mean.
• It is difficult to collect data from it.
• What are these goals and objectives?
• Do not talk about employees! It is just about IPA only.
• Do not talk about Effectiveness individual.

3- the work experience:
• Low retention. What that is mean?
• Do not focus on society.
• Focus on IPA only please.

4- the context of problem:
• Only focus on IPA not retention.
• Why did you include (Webb &Shavelson, 2005)? Be specific on IPA only please.
• When you talk about the salary be specific on IPA.
• What do you mean about flexibility?

5- the detailed identification of the problem:
• Please give example about better trained?

6- Interview Questions:
• Reformulate all interview questions.
• Do not talk about the concept in the questions.
• Questions should be on the meaning of each concept that you believe is applicable at IPA.
• Effectiveness: meeting specific targets, customer satisfaction (specific research services to specific agencies),
For example,
How many students will graduate in the Fall 2017?
This question represents the target of University of California


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