Spike Lee's documentary

Scott Knowles, “Lessons in the Rubble: The World Trade Center and the History of Disaster Investigations in the United States,” History and Technology (Spring, 2003): 9-28.

– Scott Knowles, “Investigating 3.11: Disaster and the Politics of Expert Inquiry,” available at: http://fukushimaforum.wordpress.com/online-forum-2/online-forum/investigating-3-11/

And discuss (Both A and B): A) How does Knowles describe the relationship between technology (of nuclear power plants, or skyscrapers) and risk during disasters (man-made or not)? B) How does his story relate to the notion of risk and disaster in the Katrina Hurricane event in New Orleans?

***Make sure to cite the articles by page number (Knowles, p. 1), and the film by describing a scene. Only use the sources in the 2 articles


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