Spiral of silence

You are required as a group to write a systematic (scientific) paper for the final project. The paper should include all elements of research (literature review, hypotheses or research questions, methodology, sampling, data analysis, conclusion… etc.) learned during the semester. The paper should be similar to the research study you wrote for the homework. Each group is free to choose a specific methodology either qualitative or quantitative. The paper should not exceed 10 pages.

Follow the below instructions in your paper:

Use Times New Roman for the font type, 12 for font size, and double-space your paper.
You are required to use 10-15 references. Accepted references start from the year 2000 to 2015 unless history is required. Referencing throughout the paper follows this sequence: (Dashti, 2014). Referencing at the end follows this sequence: family name, first initial, year of publication, title of research, publication, volume and number, and pages as the following:
Kruckeberg, D. (1996). A global perspective on public relations ethics: The Middle East. Public Relations Review, 22(2), 181-189.

Topic for research group project Spring 2017
The Spiral of Silence theory was used to describe the isolation of minority opinions when faced with majority opinions. The Spiral of Silence explained why the view of any minority is not presented when the majority view dominates the public sphere. The fear of isolation makes many people afraid of exchanging their views face-to-face with others. The main fear comes from identifying the people who hold a minority opinion. However, with the spread of social networks people have moved online to exchange their views, whether they are in a minority or a majority opinion.

In addition to the effects of the Spiral of Silence, there are other obstacles such as self-expression, religion, culture, tradition, and education that may have a negative effect, preventing individual’s voice being made public. Social networks helped to promote all voices while removing offline obstacles.

You are required to use this theory in your group research paper in relations to one issue or more issues related to sports, religion, local social issues, local cultural controversial issues, or local political issue. Use Twitter as a social program for your study.

– we are using quantitative method through tolls and surveys:
– We already set up the poles on Twitter and the survey on surveymonkey.com
*Twitter account:‏ @Spiral_q8
*Survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/FRSCWKJ
* he also wants an intro – an abstract – the methodology – conclusion references


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