Stand-Alone Project : Establishing a Clothing Boutique

Your Stand-Alone Project should be both grammatically and mechanically correct and formatted using APA style. If there is aPart A, your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition you must appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document in a bibliography using APA style. Part A You and Marsha, a good friend from your college days, have decided to open a trendy clothing boutique. You have found a location that looks promising and retained legal counsel to negotiate a lease with the landlord and prepare any paperwork you might be required to register the business with the state. Unfortunately you cannot agree on how to set up your business. Marsha favors a partnership and prefer to incorporate. The two of you schedule an appointment with your attorney to discuss the pros and cons of each as well as other options that the two of you may have overlooked. In table format summarize the advice your attorney provides for a general partnership, limited liability partnership, public corporation and sub-chapter S corporation. His advice should include: tax ramifications, control considerations liability ease and expense of formation transferability of ownership and ease of expanding the business. Part B You and Marsha realized after your last meeting with your attorney that you neglected to ask him about the duties you will owe each other if you decide to go with a general partnership formation. You schedule a second meeting with him. Summarize the duties and right each of you has under a general partnership. Part C Visit Watch the following very short videos that are available: LLC v. Corporation, Where Do I Incorporate and What ‘s Next? Summarize the result of each video. Part D Marsha envision that down the road the two of you may wish to produce your own clothing line. She wants to manufacture the garment in China or India. You have reservation about expanding your operation outside the U.S Locate five (5) scholarly articles that are devoted to the topic of expropriation risk including creeping expropriation. Once you have compiled your articles draft an argument in which you take a stance for or against manufacturing your clothing outside the U.S. You must support your opinion with evidence and research. In the event the research favors a country other than China or India discuss your reasoning. Remember to consider the advantages/disadvantages of producing clothing made and sold in the USA. Your discussions should address environmental concerns and the impact outsourcing will have on American workers.


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