Type: Report (ABSTRACTS)
Weight: 20%
Task: STANDARD and DISTANCE MODE Write four (4) abstracts: Write an abstract of 300 words for the four (4) nominated readings in the Reading Material and Exercises book (RME). The nominated readings for the current study session are listed below. 1. Under each of the four (4) abstracts, write a 150 word example of how each reading relates to your work experience, or how they could relate to an imaginary work situation. Students who do not have any relevant work experience may base the “experience” components on their personal life experience. 2. A feature of the assignment is the requirement of strict compliance with the word limits, each component has a word count tolerance of plus 10%. see Length below. Spring 2017 Nominated Readings are:
Reading 3.3, Fischoff, B., Slovic, P. ad Lichtenstein, S. (1980), ‘Knowing what you want: measuring labile values’, in Bell, D. E., Raiffa, H. and Tversky, A., Decision Making: Descriptive, Normative, and Prescriptive Interactions, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Reading 4.3, Wildavsky, A., and Dake, K. (1990), ‘Theories of risk perception: who fears what and why?’, Daedalus, 119 (4).
Reading 5.1. Jungermann, H. (1983) ‘The two camps on rationality’, in, Scholz, R. W. (ed), Decision Making under Uncertainty, Elsevier, Amsterdam.
Reading 6.3 Green, R.M. (1984), ‘Neutral, Omnipartial rule-making, in Green, R.M., The Ethical Manager, Macmillan.
Length: Total Assignment length = 4 x (300 plus 150) = 1800 words. The word limit for each individual component must not be exceeded by more than 10%. Accordingly, each abstract must be no more than 330 words followed by an experience example of no more than 165 words.
NOTES: this is my experience which might need:
1- I am civil engineering and worked at an international company, which has had many projects. I stayed with the company for approximately a two years , I have expertise in bridges and railways. And then, I worked as a teaching assistant in a university.
# I will attaché two files one for sample and just following. Another file are topics which will need to do abstracts.


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