STAR assignment

STAR assignment
Review Lessons 6 and 7. You will recall that the STAR test can be used to evaluate a claim and its supporting evidence by using the following four criteria: S—Sufficiency Is there enough evidence to justify the claim? Count the pieces of evidence. Are there at least 3?
T—Typicality Is the evidence typical of the issue being argued about? Is it typical of the issue or NOT typical of the issue? Be direct and concise.
A—Accuracy Is the information used as evidence true? Is it probably true? If it is personal evidence it is most likely true. Is it true according to most people in our society? Is there a quotation or citation to help validate the proofs?
R — Relevance Is the claim relevant to the evidence? Does the evidence directly support the claim? Yes or no – be direct and concise. There are 2 parts to this assignment. PART 1- IDENTIFY THE CLAIM
For each of the following paragraphs, answer in short titled paragraph format (just like the examples in the book): 1. Identify the central claim – word for word exactly as it appears. What assertion is being made? What type of claim is it?
2. Apply the STAR test to determine the strength of the claim. Hint – all of the paragraphs need revision. Use the above questions to evaluate each piece of evidence in each paragraph. Hold them in light of the claim for that sentence. You must discuss all criteria but be brief and concise. ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!

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