Starbucks Case Study

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  1. Industry and Strategy Analysis
    a. Apply Porter’s five forces framework to the specialty coffee retail industry.
    b. How would you characterize the strategy of Starbucks? How does Starbucks create value for its customers? What critical risk and success factors must Starbucks manage?
    2. Balance Sheet
    a. Describe how cash differs from cash equivalents.
    b. Why do investments appear on the balance sheet under both current and noncurrent assets?
    c. Accounts receivable are reported net of allowance for uncollectible accounts. Why? Identify the events or transactions that cause accounts receivable to increases and decrease. Also, identify the events or transactions that cause the allowance account to increase and decrease.
    d. How does accumulated depreciation on the balance sheet differ from depreciation expense on the income statement?
    e. Deferred income taxes appear as a current asset on the balance sheet. Under what circumstances will deferred income taxes give rise to an asset?
    f. Accumulated other comprehensive income includes unrealized gains and losses from marketable securities and investments in securities as well as unrealized gains and losses from translating the financial statements of foreign subsidiaries into U.S. dollars. Why are these gains and losses not included in net income on the income statement? When, if ever, will these gains and losses appear in net income?

    Write a really good 2 page analysis in Microsoft Word format. Use the American Psychological Association (APA) style (6th edition) for writing your assignment.
    Description of Case & Identifying the Issue-Concisely describes the case, and summarizes and identifies all major issues in the case.
    Links to Course Readings and Additional Research-In analyzing the case, the author refers to the problems/questions with specific and clear links to key course content and additional relevant sources
    Depth of Analysis-The analysis is detailed with an insightful review on both operational and strategic aspects of the case.
    Solutions & Strategies-Well documented reasoned and excellent solutions to all issues in the case study; proposed solutions are implementable.
    Writing Clarity & Quality-Writing is clear, concise, and professional in style. No spelling or grammar errors.
    APA Style/Writing Mechanics (including spelling & grammar)- Followed APA style guidelines and all grammar and spelling are correct.
    Book Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation. edition 8th
    ISBN: 9781285190907

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