statistics Hypothesis Testing

The registrar at a small university noted that the pre-enrollment figures and the actual enrollment figures for the past 6 years (in hundreds of students) were as shown here:
x(pre-enrollment) …. 30 35 42 48 50 51
y(actual enrollment).. 33 41 46 52 59 55

a. Plot the data. Does it appear that a linear relationship exists between x and y? (answer yes/no)
b. Find the correlation between x and y. r=
Test to see if there is a significant positive correlation between x and y. Use =0.05
Step 1:


Step 2: test statistics t=
Step 3: critical t value =
Step 4: (can/cannot) We reject the null hypothesis
Step 5: (is/ isn’t) We conclude that there a significant positive correlation between x and y.

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