Strategic Analysis of Walt Disney Company

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Make sure to use the format below.


– What is the approach the company is using?
– Describe the strategy and how they are implementing?

5. Internal Analysis and External- 

A. Environment/Internal Assess.

Answer the following questions:

– What are the industry’s dominant economic features?
– What kinds of competitive forces are industry members facing, and how strong is each force?
– What forces are driving changes in the industry, and what impact will these changes have on competitive intensity and industry profitability?
– What market positions do industry rivals occupy – who is strongly positioned and who is not?
– What strategic moves are rivals likely to make next?
– What are the key factors for future competitive success?
– Does the outlook for the industry present the organization with sufficiently attractive prospects for profitability?

6. Resources and Competitive Position 

– How well is the present strategy working?
– What are the organization’s resource strengths and weaknesses, and its external opportunities and threats? Conduct a formal SWOT analysis. Consider Trends as well (SWOTT)
– Are the organization’s prices and costs competitive?
– Is the organization competitively stronger or weaker than key rivals?
– What strategic issues and problems merit front-burner administrative attention?

7. Strategy Formulation

– Low-cost Provider
– Broad differentiation
– Best-cost Provider
– Focused (market niche) based on low costs
– Focused (market niche) based on differentiation

– You should choose one of these strategies for your strategic plan 
– Identify any additional, supplemental strategies that you will utilize

8. Implementation and Evaluation 
– Marketing
– Finance
– R&D
– Ethics
– Social Responsibility
– Environmental Sustainability/concerns
– Consider perceptual map

9. How will you perform strategy review, evaluation and control?

10. Global issues?
– Culture/business climate
– Geo/political considerations

11. References

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