Strategic Management

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To successfully complete this assessment, you will need to demonstrate that you are able to:

•Evaluate the future appropriateness of a Marks and Spencer’s current strategy in the light of current and future developments in its industry and its current performance.

•Select and apply an appropriate method with which to evaluate the future appropriateness of the strategy.


You need to use you previous (updated) analysis to identify the key industry developments and their impact. Identify the strategic position and value proposition of the company in order to: Produce a report discussing and concluding whether or not the current strategy of Marks and Spencer will remain appropriate in view of the changes in the industry and the success of the current strategy Guidance Title page: include name Contents page: include page numbers Introduction: short introduction to the report setting out what the aims and objectives of the report are, what he report will cover and why (not included in the word count) Report main body: produce report on whether or not the current strategy of the company will remain appropriate in view of the changes in the industry and the success of the current strategy. This must make use of reliable evidence and appropriately selected methods of evaluation Conclusion: The conclusion should briefly and clearly synthesise the analysis and conclude whether or not the company needs to change its strategy. You should not make recommendations about which strategy the company should pursue next.

Arears to cover: Based on the analysis you should decide whether or not the company should change its strategy. Your recommendations (meaning whether or not the company should continue with its current strategy) should be based on: • Evidence from a range of sources about the industry and about whether the company’s existing strategy is successful. • Use appropriate criteria to assess whether the current strategy will remain relevant as the industry changes • Whether a change of strategy will be possible or desirablel

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