Stress Management Technique

Choose any stress management technique in the textbook and research it further. You will do this by seeking credible sources on the technique (3-5 sources, and the book can be one of them). Using Microsoft Word, Times New Roman, and size 12 font, write a five (5) page paper that includes answers to the following four (4) questions:
1. Explanation as to why you chose the technique, why does it interest you?
2. Review the literature on the technique (historical background, etc.)
3. Explanation of how the technique is used.
4. Explanation of three places where you can practice the technique (i.e. Humor Therapy can be practiced by attending a comedy club).

This paper must utilize American Psychological Association APA guidelines for writing.

No abstract is required.

Students are expected to include a cover page with “Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER” on the top of the cover page. You are to place your name on one line, the title of the paper under your name, and William Paterson University under the title. All are to be centered and in the middle of the cover page. All other pages will have “TITLE OF YOUR PAPER” on the top. All pages are to be numerated.

Students are also expected to include in text citations when using information from sources to answer the questions. Examples include (Seaward, 2013) or (Seaward, 2013, p. 1) if quoting a source.

Students are also expected to include a references page (that is not part of the five page paper) at the end of the paper. An example of a cited reference in the references sheet is:

Seaward, B.L. (2013). Managing Stress: Principles and Strategies for Health and Well-Being. (8th Ed.) Jones & Bartlett.

The professor will explain all APA guidelines expected for the final paper during one of our classes (to be announced).


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