Student observation

Student observation write a one page (less than one page) report on a observation of a student I make. ?Based on observation of a student or child with whom you have regular contact. no sources needed. Requirements 1. Describe the general context of the problem.
2. Why did you select this student/child? What problems are apparent? Provide operational definitions (observable and measurable) for 2 different identified problem behaviors in this context (each should have at least 3 dimensions) Here is an example? e.g., ?Student hits others with a closed fist hard enough to knock them down when spoken to? (3 dimensions are hits (topography), hard enough to knock down (intensity), and when spoken to (locus). You need to define behavior like this 3 times (3 different behaviors) make up any name and any problem related to behavior I shall forward to you the examples of the paper. 6 dimension are:
-Frequency or rate (how often/how many)
-Topography (what does it look like)
-locus ( When/where does it happen)
force of intensity

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