Student Subpopulations (African student)

Order Description Conduct a literature review about international student who study in US college(African student) Identify no less than 5 peer-reviewed research articles or scholarly books that describe the characteristics of and challenges faced by African college student subpopulation Summarize the literature into a review as follows: A summary of the subpopulation?s characteristics and challenges as described in the articles or chapters An analysis of the articles or chapters explaining how the author(s) supported their conclusions A discussion of the research method used by the author(s), i.e. how they gathered and analyzed their data Prepare a written record summarizing your observations and interviews with members of your chosen subpopulations about a challenge they face as described in the literature Prepare a written analysis of the differences and similarities you found between the literature descriptions of and your observations and interviews with the african student, i.e. how were your research findings different from or the same as those in the literature

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