Studies of Native American Art

Studies of Native American Art Discuss cosmology in terms of architecture & culture of the [1] Haida in Nabokov diagram; [2] Hopi (esp. kiva), also in Nabokov diagram; and [3] Yuchi (esp. square ground & gorget iconography), again in Nabokov. =Discuss form, structure, materials, ground plan, site, function, symbolism, and special features of: Taos pueblo; generic iglu; generic chickee; generic long house; generic iglu; generic Blackfeet tipi. Pay special heed to Blackfeet tipi symbolism seen in Nabokov diagram =Compare & contrast the films Nanook of the North & Sun Dagger in terms of what you learned from them about life and architecture in the arctic and in the 4 corners region.ot;Sun Dagger” and “Nanook of the North”


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