Sturken, Marita. “The Wall and the Screen Memory

• Sturken, Marita. “The Wall and the Screen Memory: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial.” Representations No. 35, Special Issue: Monumental Histories (Summer, 1991), 118-142.

• please only use this article nothing else. I will upload it. Use these questions to guide your response: What is the main thesis of the article? How does the author support this thesis (what claims does the author make and/or what examples does the author use?) What are some of the key concepts and how are they defined? you need to indicate the specific article you are summarizing at the top of the page or when you are identifying the thesis mention the author’s name and title of the article. Your understanding of the thesis should be clear. try to synthesize a bit more and balance the key points/examples with the larger argument that is being made. make sure its clear understanding, make sure conclusion is clear and makes senseless


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