Supervisors and Managers as Effective Leaders

Prepare a ten-page paper on the supervisor and manager as an effective leader. This includes, but is not limited to comparing and contrasting the following issues relating to contemporary techniques for supervision, management, and leadership: principles of leadership, leadership styles, leadership traits, effective decision making, and motivation/employee performance.

Use both texts as sources, along with at least three other sources, such as other books, articles, or journals. The research paper must be 10-pages in length using APA format.

These 10 pages do not include the cover sheet, abstract, table of contents, or the reference page. The research paper must include no less than 3 peer-reviewed sources, one of which must be your assigned class book.


Your examination must include and in-depth analysis of the different types of power and how it affect the operational direction of subordinates and an agency. Provide the consequences of the improper use of power.
Furthermore, explore the different leadership theories and styles, and explain which one you find to be the most adaptable to law enforcement. Detail specific experiences in your career that support your opinion.
Provide historical or personal examples of law enforcement leaders and how they have impacted you personally in a negative or positive connotation. You do not have to include names, but please reference the inferences when this occurred. Frame a picture of how a leadership style improved or affected a particular call to police action.
Describe in your scholarly opinion the qualities of a great leader and effective supervisor, and explain the rationale of your findings. What does the research say about good leadership? You must provide evidence to back up your inferences.
Lastly, discuss some of the consequences of bad leadership, in terms of the community, the agency, and the subordinates under such command. Include real life scenarios where we have seen at a local, national, or international level, the impact of BAD POLICE LEADERSHIP.


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